This page is intended to answer questions about the MadCity Race and our ongoing work to provide a safe and successful event in 2021.
Why did the LOC postpone the April 17 2021 race date?

The MadCity Race is held in Dane County, Wisconsin and is subject to the public health restrictions of the County as well as the City of Madison and the Univeristy of Wisconsin. We are not confident that we would be able to obtain all of the necessary permits to run our race through the City and the UW Arboretum. Additionally today there are restriction on the size of outdoor "gatherings" which would be exceeded by our race, and there is no way to reliably predict if these restrictions will change by April.

Why are you making the decision already, why not wait until March to decide?

As the USATF 100K National Championship, runners from throughout the USA plan to run MadCity to qualify for the 100K World Championships. The runners need to begin their training regimen several months in advance of the race date and need to be confident that the race won't be postponed late in their training schedule.

If I've already registered for the 50K or 100K Solo Race but can't compete can I transfer my registration to another runner?

Yes! Registrants can use our Facebook event page to offer their registration to another runner. The financial transaction is between you and the person you're transferring to. Once you've agreed to transfer your registration, let us know and we'll arrange for the new runner to register on our MadCity registration site with a waived registration fee. This allows us to gather the necessary information from the new registrant - name, age, address, USATF number where applicable, waiver, etc.

Our 50K Relay Team needs to change one or more members - how can we do that?

The Team Captain can send an email to madcity50K@gmail.com with your team name and information about the changes and we'll work with you to update the members. Remember that each Team member needs register with the Team so that they sign the waiver and enter their information so we can't just change a name!

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