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Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our race.

Will there be a 100K race in 2024?

Yes currentely we are planning to host the USATF 100K National Championship.

How can I see who else is registered for the Solo races?

Once registration is open our RunSignUp site will show the current registrants.

What are the current Qualifying Standards for the USATF Teams?

Check the links on the Info for Solo Runners page.

Our 50K Relay Team needs to change one or more members - how can we do that?

The Team Captain can send an email to with your team name and information about the changes and we'll work with you to update the members. Remember that each Team member needs register with the Team so that they sign the waiver and enter their information so we can't just change a name!

Have a question? Just use the Contact form and we'll try to answer quickly.

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