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Information for 50K Relay Teams
Team Captains and Registration

Anyone can be a Relay Team Captain! To register a team, the Captain can sign up on the registration site, providing his/her name, team name and contact information. 

On the RunSignUp registration site the Team Captain must establish a password for team members to use during registration. 

Team Members

Once your Captain is registered, your team will be available to join via the registration site. This makes it easy to assemble your team and for us to determine the sum-of-the-ages grouping. Your Team Captain will tell you the team name and password, then the members register for free. Separately you can reimburse your Captain as you've agreed.


And yes, we know that team membership can change right up to race day and we're prepared to accommodate your changes. It's important that every participating team member use the registration site so that we can get the correct age and have everyone sign the waiver form. 

Contact your Team Captain to know the team name and password that they have selected!

Relay Teams and Awards

Relay teams can be 2-5 members.  Top team awards typically involve a sufficient quantity of fermented beverage to make it worth your effort!

Age-group Relay categories (top team):

  • 125 or younger

  • 126-150

  • 151-175

  • 176-200

  • 201-250

  • 251-299

  • 300 and older

The age-based awards are determined using the sum-of-the-ages of your relay team, counting each runner's age x # of laps.

Relay Race Rules

Here are the simple rules for participating in the MadCity 50K Relay.

  • The total race distance is 50K.

    • Age-based teams must be comprised of 2-5 runners, and each runner must run at least one 10K loop of the course. 

    • Two-person and four-person teams must decide who will run the extra loop(s). 

  • Each team is provided with one relay baton, and the baton must be carried by the relay team member who is currently racing on the course.

  • Each team is provided with an ankle-band chip and the chip must be worn by the relay team member who is currently racing on the course.

  • Handoff of the relay baton and ankle-band chip must occur in the Start/Finish area. Some skill is needed to perfom this gracefully!

  • Handoff must occur past the chute area to the right side of the course to avoid interfering with Solo runners.

  • All Relay Team members need to register, select the team, provide their age and agree to the waiver. Captains, please contact your team members to ensure they've registered for your team before race day!

  • Sorry but we cannot allow strollers or dogs in the Relay race due to the congestion at the Start/Finish handoff area. Also dogs are not permitted in the Arboretum.

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