Information for Solo Runners

Course Records

The MadCity 10K Arboretum Loop course records are held by these outstanding runners!

50K Solo

The 2018 USATF 100K National Champions Anthony Kunkel (6:52:09.8) and Liza Howard (8:07:58.3). 

The 50K Solo will once again be a USATF course for 2021. Runners' 50K finish times will be valid in consideration for invitation to join Team USA for the upcoming 50K World Championship.

The 50K Solo race starts at 8:00AM on race date TBD.

USATF Membership

Membership in the USATF is not required to enter the MadCity Solo races. However USATF membership is required to be declared a USATF National Champion for any race designated as the annual USATF National Championship.

To learn more about the USATF and membership, visit the website.

Course Information

The course is a USATF-certified 10K loop located along the shore of Lake Wingra adjacent to Madison's Vilas Park and winds through the beautiful UW Arboretum. Most of the course is open road with a three-block strech of newly-paved sidewalk.

View the draft course map here.

For 2021 the course will be open from the start of the 50K at 8:00AM until 2:00PM. All runners must complete their race prior to the course closing time.

Solo Race Rules

The MadCity Solo races adhere to the USATF Road Race rules. A complete set of rules is located on the USATF web site.

Runner Gear and Nutrition Drop

The MadCity Solo runners may drop their bags containing gear and nutrition prior to the race.