April 10 2021 - Update from the Race Director

Saturday September 25 2021 - Race Date Confirmed - Events Announcement


The MadCity Ultras race will be held in Madison Wisconsin USA on Saturday, September 25, 2021. This year the race will include two events: 50K Solo and 50K Relay.


In an executive committee meeting held on March 18, USA Track & Field (USATF) accepted a competing bid for the 100K Road Race National Championship, citing scheduling conflicts with our September 25 race date. 


The MadCity Local Organizing Committee works diligently each year to select a race date that will allow a successful event in the heart of the popular City of Madison. Our September 25 date is the result of careful research and cooperative discussion with the City, County and University officials. We are confident in our choice of dates in this pandemic-altered year.


As the MadCity race will not be the 100K National Championship for 2021, we have decided to reduce the events this year to the 50K Solo and 50K Relay. USATF has already awarded MadCity the 100K Road Race National Championship in 2022.


Existing registrants for the 100K Solo will have the option to switch to the 50K Solo, to defer to 2022 or to receive a full refund due to the elimination of the 100K. We will be contacting each 100K registrant individually. 


For more information on the 2021 100K Road Race National Championship see this site.  You can also write to the race director and ultramarathoning legend, Meghan Canfield, at coachmeghancanfield@gmail.com


Existing MadCity 50K Solo and 50K Relay teams are already registered for the September 25 race date, and we will be reopening registration for additional participants in June 2021 following Dane County’s Public Health recommendations for outdoor sporting events.


Tim Yanacheck

Race Director

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The MadCity Ultras is a non-profit organization comprised entirely of volunteers. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is recognized by the USATF as a trusted and dedicated group that has hosted the 100K National Championship race for the past 12 years. 

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